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Country Provider Web-site Deployment date
Italy Coretech SRL http://www.coretech.it/ January 2017


Belarus Hoster.by https://hoster.by/ October, 2016
Latvia Lattelecom https://lattelecomcloud.com/ru/lv-ru/anti-virus May 2016
Belarus MTS http://drweb.mts.by/ April, 2016
Belarus Unet https://unet.by/ March, 2016
Sri Lanka Lanka Bell http://www.lankabell.com/ January, 2016


Spain Infratech Solutions https://www.infratech.es/ August, 2015
Lithuania VIPhost https://www.viphost.lt/page/antivirusine-apsauga June, 2015
Belarus "Atlant Telecom" http://telecom.by/ March, 2015
Russia MTS http://www.mts.ru/ February 2015


Russia LLC «Region-Kursk» http://reg-kursk.ru/ September, 2014
Russia LLC «Aradio Tyumen» http://iset.tel September, 2014
Russia OJSC "MGTS" http://www.mgts.ru June, 2014
Russia LLC "Tef" http://tef-llc.com June, 2014
Russia LLC "Riand" http://riand.ru/ May, 2014
Russia LLC "Unisoft" http://www.delonavigator.ru/ May, 2014
Russia LLC "ActiveCloud" http://www.activecloud.ru April, 2014
Russia LLC "Raduga Telecom" http://rdtelecom.ru April, 2014
Russia SP Smirnov Dmitry A. http://www.it53.ru April, 2014

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