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Anti-virus is a service

Service consumers All of a provider's subscribers
What is the service? A time-defined right (via a license) to use the protective features of Dr.Web software through a service provider.
Basic subscription packages
  • Dr.Web Premium (comprehensive protection)
  • Dr.Web Premium Server (comprehensive protection) for Windows server platforms)
Subscription period Starting at one month with no maximum limit.
Services fee Collected on the monthly basis. This is, in fact, an anti-virus offered on an instalment basis.
Subscription options
  • Free period
  • Automatic renewal of a subscription before it is suspended
  • Suspend/resume subscription automatically
  • Free upgrades and downgrades
  • Termination of Subscription
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What does a subscription include?
  • Virus databases updating
  • Program module updating
  • Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows, macOS and Android
  • Proxy server (optional)
  • Technical support
  • Analysis of unknown viruses
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