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About Dr.Web AV-Desk

Your customers are not security experts looking for high quality IT security services at a minimal cost?

Administer information security of hundreds or thousands of remote computers with Dr.Web AV-Desk! Increase ARPU, cut operational costs and reduce support time.

What is Dr.Web AV-Desk?

Dr.Web AV-Desk is an Internet service that provides a package of online IT security services for the protection of an unlimited number of subscriber computers from viruses and spam.

Dr.Web AV-Desk is a VAD business model helping Service Providers gain new customers and increase their profits.

It is also software that permits centralized management of the Dr.Web Anti-virus delivery process.

Who can use Dr.Web AV-Desk?

Dr.Web AV-Desk is a flexible and scalable Internet-service used by providers to deliver information security services to their customers. These qualities make it an ideal tool for such companies as:

  • Access providers;
  • Security service providers;
  • Application providers;
  • Managed service providers;
  • Service integrators;
  • PC repair companies;
  • Banks and online-banks.
What services can be delivered with Dr.Web AV-Desk? Dr.Web anti-virus is an information protection service package for individuals or companies (micro, small and medium-sized companies in all segments of the economy (from 1 to 250 PCs) to defend their information assets from online threats. The package is available on a subscription basis. Customers can choose from several subscription packages and select the length of subscription needed. A variety of additional services can also be delivered by Dr.Web AV-Desk.
Dr.Web AV-Desk licensing The Dr.Web AV-Desk server software is licensed to a provider free of charge. Dr.Web anti-virus agent software e is licensed per number of subscribers with valid subscriptions that use the service in a reported period (month).
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