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Dr.Web AV-Desk ist ein Internetsicherheitsservice von Doctor Web, mit dem IT-Provider ihren Abonnenten Viren- und Spamschutz als Service bereitstellen.

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We monitor situation on the market and we’ve recently found out that Eltel introduced the Dr.Web anti-virus service to its customers. We didn’t know that such a service existed and who provided it. But as soon as we learned about it, we instantly contacted Doctor Web. And we got a quick response, well, we received a reply immediately. And it was us who caused delays while Doctor Web carried out the deployment in a timely manner. I think they are doing things in the right way: they only need a login and password to access the machine on which they deploy the solution. We have a lot of unresolved issues regarding deployments and operation of software with other companies as well as technical problems. But as far as our work with Doctor Web is concerned, there are no problems at all.

General manager Andrei Shpeder


“Our company launched the Dr.Web anti-virus service not only to maintain the high quality of our services, but also to gain another competitive advantage and increase ARPU. Providing software as a service is one of the main directions we are going to develop. With Doctor Web as our partner we are confident that we'll be able to satisfy our security-conscious customers”

Alexander Romanenkov, President


“The deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk is a step forward in the development of a new generation of first-rate services. We’ve always paid special attention to our customers' security on the Internet, and this Internet service is another step towards high-quality and easy-to-use services. We hope that Dr.Web AV-Desk will gain popularity among our subscribers and that surfing the web will become completely safe.”

Eugene Letenkov, IT Department Manager


“With Dr.Web AV-Desk our customers receive comprehensive anti-virus protection software that is very easy to install and to use. A reasonable monthly subscription fee makes the service available to everyone. At the same time our administrators can monitor viral activities in the network and respond to virus threats in a timely manner.”

Sergei Krivets, Director

ELP Informatique

“Dr.Web AV-Desk gives us full control over our customers' anti-virus security, so we can respond to emerging threats more quickly and efficiently. We no longer need to solve technical issues resulting from customer problems with store-bought or preinstalled anti-viruses. It makes using the service much easier for a customer. We also chose Dr.Web for its reliability and efficiency.”

Elsa Pigeat, Director

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