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Security is a service

The Dr.Web anti-virus service will help your customer save up to 70% of anti-virus TCO!

Dr.Web anti-virus service consumers Small and medium businesses
What is the service? A time-restricted license that allows customers to use the protective features of Dr.Web software through their service provider.
How does it work? A service provider installs the service software on its servers and makes an agreement with a customer regarding provision of the service.
Subscription period From 1 month with no maximum limit — until a subscriber chooses to terminate his subscription.
Licensing features A customer pays only for the actual number of connections, which can be increased or decreased at any time according to the customer’s needs.
Basic subscription packages
  • Dr.Web Premium (comprehensive protection)

A customer can choose to use any package for the protection of workstations or Windows servers.

Services fee Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions are available.
What does a subscription include?
  • Uninterruptible access from customer computers to the provider’s server
  • Updating of virus databases
  • Updating of program modules
  • Basic technical support
  • Analysis of unknown viruses
  • Network security status reports
Additional services Any additional available services depend on the particular provider. A customer pays for such services separately.
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