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Subscription management

A subscriber changes parameters of his subscription in his personal area. Flexible settings enable customers to plan their anti-virus expenses and change parameters of their subscription with one click.

The subscription period is one month. The period starts as soon as one signs up for the service.
A user doesn’t need to perform any actions to renew his subscription. The operation is performed automatically every month.
A subscription can be suspended so the fee won't have to pay for the service while on holiday or away for a long business trip.
Upgrade and downgrade
Customers can change from one subscription package to another at no extra charge.
Subscription termination
A user can terminate his subscription at any time. It will remain active till expiration of the paid period. An installer download link in the personal area is hidden. However, all information for generation of another installer is stored on a server without any time limitations. If a customer resubscribes, the download link becomes available.
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