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Subscription management

Subscribers use the Subscription Control Center to change their subscription parameters. Flexible settings let your customers plan their anti-virus expenses and change their subscription parameters with just one click

You subscribe for any period you want. The period starts as soon as one signs up for the service.
Subscriptions renew automatically — no action is required on the part of a subscriber.
A subscription can be suspended so the fee won't have to pay for the service while on holiday or away on a long business trip.
Customers can switch between subscription packages free of charge.
Subscription termination
You can terminate your subscription at any moment, but: The service will remain active til the end of the subscription period. The installer download link in the Subscription Control Center will become hidden; however, all the information needed to generate another installer remains stored on the server indefinitely. If a customer resubscribes, the download link becomes available.
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