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Dr.Web AV-Desk anti-virus server

Anti-virus server is a computer connected to the provider’s local network and running Dr.Web AV-Desk software.

The cross-platform Dr.Web AV-Desk server software can be run on Windows as well as on Linux machines. There is no competitive solution that can boast such compatibility.

Dr.Web AV-Desk anti-virus server provides centralized administration of an anti-virus network:

Dr.Web AV-Desk anti-virus server stores the following information:

The grouping mechanism allowing several anti-virus servers and a separate database server to be joined in one group makes the solution exceptionally scalable.

Dr.Web AV-Desk Anti-virus Server components

Dr.Web AV-Desk facilitates the centralized deployment and administration of comprehensive end-point protection for customer PCs that have the ability to periodically access the Internet.

Dr.Web AV-Desk is a client-server solution. The client software is installed on PCs and servers that require anti-virus protection. The anti-virus server facilitates the centralized administration of anti-virus and anti-spam software in the provider's network, including its deployment, the updating of virus databases and software modules, network monitoring, virus event notifications and collecting statistics.

A group of computers—all possessing Dr.Web AV-Desk components—join together to form an an anti-virus network.

The Dr.Web AV-Desk anti-virus server consists of the following components:

Dr.Web Security Control Center (Control Center)
This component is automatically installed with the Dr.Web Server and provides a web interface so that the server and the Dr.Web anti-virus network can be managed remotely. With the Control Center, one can change the configuration of the server and the protected computers’ anti-virus software settings which are stored on the server and target hosts.
Administration web interface
This component is automatically installed with the anti-virus server. The web interface works as an extension of a standard web page and allows general information about the Dr.Web AV-Desk server to be viewed, documentation to be read, and the repository to be examined. It doesn’t require the installation of any other software and enables a system administrator to control the operation of all anti-virus services from any computer and to solve emerging problems in a timely manner.

System requirements: any browser
Available languages: Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese

The web console is part of the anti-virus server and is designed to manage service subscriptions. It lets you create and edit user accounts, and create customized agent distributions of Dr.Web AV-Desk agent for each subscriber. It is accessible from any computer that has access to the Internet. With the web-console you can:

The billing system integration API allows you to automate all tasks listed above except for the last one.

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