Dr.Web AV-Desk

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Key features

Experience easy security administration with Dr.Web AV-Desk!

Whether your customer is a home user or a company, you can employ Dr.Web AV-Desk to centrally

  • anti-virus protection of dozens of thousands of remote home and business customers in any part of the world
  • configuration of anti-virus software on customers’ machines, modify customers' configuration permissions and if necessary completely block modification of the anti-virus settings by users
Create policies and assign jobs
  • organize protected hosts into groups and create separate security policies for each groups matching current business demands
  • Assign/cancel jobs on any protected machine, on all machines or on computers from a selected group
  • Change the set of Dr.Web software components installed on customers’ computers
  • overall security of the anti-virus network or separate customers/groups, pinpoint risk zones and retrieve all information required to neutralize a threat in a timely manner
  • collect and analyze information on virus events from all protected computers from all groups or from selected groups/customers
  • control version of virus databases, block infected agents to keep installed components up to date and prevent spread of infection
Create reports
  • Provide customers with graphical reports on actions performed by Dr.Web anti-virus software
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