Dr.Web AV-Desk

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How does it work?

  1. A provider receives Dr.Web AV-Desk service software, the Subscription Control Center to be integrated with the provider’s billing system, and marketing materials from Doctor Web−all free of charge.
  2. The service provider installs Dr.Web AV-Desk software on its servers and provides a subscription interface for its customers so that they can sign up for the Dr.Web anti-virus service.
  3. Customers sign up for the service on the provider’s server, install Dr.Web software, and adjust the parameters of their subscriptions.
  4. Doctor Web supplies the provider with up-to-date virus definitions, updates of Dr.Web software modules, and offers technical support to the provider and subscribers.
  5. The provider collects the subscription fee from its customers, monitors the network security status, delivers updates of virus databases to subscribers, collects virus statistics, and collects payments from subscribers.
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