Dr.Web AV-Desk

Service options


Subscription Control Center (SCC)

Subscribers sign up for the service using the subscription module included in Dr.Web AV-Desk.

Customer end Administrator end
  • User profile
  • Sign up for the Ssrvice
  • Subscription management
  • Statistics regarding operation of the services on the computer :
    1. service usage summary
    2. Individual statistics of the subscription
  • Subscriber actions log
  • Information about promotional subscription packages
  • Discount notice (for businesses)
  • Transactions log
  • E-mail notifications
  • Subscription package information
  • Installation how-tos
  • Free Dr.Web services
  • Doctor Web virus news
  • Manage subscriptions and registration organization and partner accounts
  • Personal Area settings
  • Alteration of the parameters of basic subscription packages
  • Addition of new (optional) subscription packages
  • Changing provider’s contact information
  • External interfaces for interaction with a billing system or third-party software
  • Built-in billing system
  • Subscriber statistics
  • Payment systems management
  • Subscriber groups/subscribers statistics on the service usage
  • Generating payment cards
  • Subscription module updating
  • Module operation log

The Subscription Control Center incorporates the API for integration with the service provider’s external systems (the billing system/technical platform/personal office). In addition, the SCC has its own built-in billing system (optional). With the SCC, customers sign up for the service and manage their subscriptions.

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