Dr.Web AV-Desk

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Technical support

Providers can deliver support services to subscribers using the Doctor Web’s technical support tracker. Bequests of customers sent using the Support menu item of the service anti-virus software get into the tracker system. Providers gain access to the easy-to-use automatic request processing system and get assistance from experienced engineers of Doctor Web in resolving complex issues virtually in the online mode.

In order to get access to the technical support tracker, the provider must meet the following requirements

Requirements Dr.Web anti-virus service reseller Dr.Web anti-virus service provider Dr.Web anti-virus service aggregator
Certify one Dr.Web AV-Desk administrator + +
Certify one Dr.Web for Windows anti-virus and anti-spam protection engineer + + +
Read the Doctor Web technical support tracker documentation + + +
Request a fully functional evaluation version of Dr.Web AV-Desk

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