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Regular updating of virus databases by customers is hard to overestimate. A single computer protected by an anti-virus that doesn't update regularly is a potential threat to security of the entire network.

Updates of anti-virus agents including latest virus definitions are retrieved by an anti-virus server. It keeps the Internet traffic of the anti-virus software low and eliminates necessity of manual updating configuration.

Updating of virus definitions and anti-virus engine is completely automatic. A Dr.Web AV-Desk anti-virus server automatically receives updates and distributes them between customers’ computers connected to the server immediately, so no additional configuration or update scheduling is required. A service administrator can block the update disable option for users and customize virus databases updating frequency. Updating can be carried out for all Dr.Web AV-Desk components as well as for each separate component.

The virus databases version control and agent blocking implemented in Dr.Web AV-Desk help keep installed components up to date and prevent spread of infection.

Dr.Web AV-Desk retrieves updates from the Global Dr.Web Updating System. The Global Dr.Web virus monitoring system allows virus samples all over the Internet to be obtained. As soon as an update is released, users can retrieve it from several servers located at various points of the globe. Urgent virus database updates are released as soon as analysis is completed. An update is tested over a huge number of uninfected files before it is released.

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