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Dr.Web Anti-virus now in MTS Belarus service portfolio

November 22, 2016

The Dr.Web Anti-virus service has been added to Total!, the new service line MTS has introduced for its Belarusian subscribers. Now all users who opt for the Total! subscription package can protect their PCs and handhelds with the comprehensive anti-virus solution included in the Dr.Web Premium subscription package.

In November 2016, MTS introduced Total!, a new product line for Belarusian users. In addition to broadband Internet and cable TV, the offer includes the Dr.Web Premium subscription package.

Belarusian MTS subscribers can obtain a subscription to Dr.Web Premium as part of the Total! service line.

MTS subscribers in Belarus who choose the Total! product line will be able to shield their PCs and smart phones from current threats and take advantage of top-quality, comprehensive anti-virus protection. The anti-virus will cure infections; the HTTP monitor will block access to dangerous sites; the anti-spam will filter out spam messages; and the parental control will protect children from exposure to unwanted sites. Dr.Web anti-virus users can also take advantage of the data loss prevention feature and technologies that provide proactive protection against brand-new threats, targeted attacks and exploits. And those who have Android smartphones and tablets will also be able to protect their devices completely free of charge.

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