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Dr.Web Anti-virus service now available to users in Japan’s Shimane Prefecture

April 14, 2017

Doctor Web is pleased to announce the deployment of the Dr.Web AV-Desk Internet service by Japanese company MC Security: 3,000 customers of hundreds of enterprises located in the Shimane Prefecture can now take advantage of the Dr.Web Anti-virus service.

MC Security is engaged in the production of Internet security appliances and solutions so it fully understands the need for anti-virus protection.

The company chose the Russian Internet service because it offers the ability to control processes on protected objects without having to provide customer on-site support: this fact lets customers and MC Security save time and money. It should also be noted that Doctor Web anti-virus products are already well known to the company's specialists.

“The Dr.Web Anti-virus service allows us to offer anti-virus protection at a price lower than our competitors. In addition, other companies do not have cloud-based products with a similar price-quality ratio. Another important aspect — in the information security industry, Doctor Web pays special attention to protecting customers from encryption ransomware", said Youichi Nagasaki, Sales Director, MC Security.

About MC Security

MC Security was founded in 2006 as a company engaged in the development, production, and sale of devices and software in Japan. Conceptually, the company aims to develop and produce in Japan cutting-edge IT-network-security technologies that allow users with any level of knowledge to easily protect their information assets. Using the Japanese language and the Japanese style of rendering technical support creates a safe network environment and smooth working conditions for users.

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