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Maximum efficiency and flexible management: Doctor Web proudly presents Dr.Web AV-Desk 13

September 14, 2021

New anti-virus server features make it even more versatile and reliable and easier to administer.

Dr.Web AV Desk 13 is a universal solution, allowing you to deploy a distributed anti-virus network and remotely administer end-point security on all the hosts that receive the anti-virus software on a subscription basis.

The subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus protects PCs, servers and mobile devices, regardless of their actual location and how they connect to the Internet. An IT service provider can employ Dr.Web to protect its customers’ devices. It is also an ideal choice for organisations with complex distributed infrastructures that have a large number of devices outside the protected corporate network.

With Dr.Web AV-Desk, operators can closely monitor and keep track of all security incidents, collect statistics and promptly adjust the anti-virus software parameters to respond to emerging threats.

Nowadays, the subscription-based Dr.Web keeps over half a million devices across the world protected from malware and their number is growing daily.

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